Know the Enemy: Canaanites, Phoenicians and Babylonians

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Written by “Anonymous”

There has been recently released drone footage of a sundial on Jeffery Epstein’s Pedophile island (little Saint James). Further inspection indicateds that It’s not a typical sundial we would normally see represented as a clock. The sundial on Epstein Island isn’t a “clock”- it’s an ancient Babylonial (Canaanite) Calendar. 

Epstein’s sundial has 13 seats surrounding the sundial, meant for ceremony on important ritual dates with the head of each member of the Illuminati bloodline families.

It’s very complex, and tracks the Solstice based on mathematics and astronomy. 
There are other “sundials” throughout the world. The Vatican Obelisk is a sundial. There are 13 obelisks in Rome, which is said to represent the 13 bloodline families of the Illuminati.

Here is a video talking about the Vatican obelisk and sundial.

The Canaanites have managed to infiltrate, and deceive. In order to make sense of the symbolism of the buildings and structures on Epstein Island, (child and human sacrifice), we have to understand the enemy. This truly is a spiritual battle. Good vs Evil

I’m in no way an expert on this topic. Since following Q in early 2018, I have started to learn a great number of things, and I would encourage others to do there own research on topics such as these.

It’s not simple by any means, but it is highly rewarding in awakening you to the real truth about are world, and not how the mainstream media views it.

Okay back on topic,

This cult has changed and evolved throughout the past 6000 years, like Chameleon’s. They were Hivites, Phoenicians, Babylonians Etc.

Their plan has taken 6000 years to achieve. Global domination achieved through secret societies, infiltrating every religion and government on earth. They claim to be Christians, Muslims, Jewish, and so forth. They are none of these things.

They believe they come from Canaan. This outlines the region they come from. Syria and Palestine 🤔 Things are starting to come together…

Sara Ruth Ashcraft has provided incredible first hand knowledge of these evil people. Here is her account, there is a wealth of information within…

Sarah’s Twitter Thread on the cult:

To erradicate evil, and to ensure something like this never happens again, I implore you to become familiar with this, their holidays, calendars, important days and rituals. Important for the battle ahead of us, and the evil we are about to discover. Know the Enemy.

Know their goal is for a New World Order. Know this is what they really want. Temple Mount in Palestine…the home of the World’s New World Religion. Look familiar?

Where We Go One We Go All

Love & Light ❤️

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